• Chelsea

family photos + surprise proposal 😍

Two birds, one stone. Bryce had just ordered the ring when she reached out to me about future engagement pictures. I eagerly asked to photograph the proposal, and so our planning began! Where do we take her? How do we make it seem natural? AH!

We decided that family photos would get the job done, so after the ring was delivered we met up for what Briana thought was a normal family session. Bryce wanted to do it near the beginning (thank GOD - the nerves!) so I got Briana in position, distracted her with what was probably weird, anxious blabbing while Bryce got ready....

After the big surprise - and a YES! - Bryce read a letter to CJ, which was exactly as sweet as you're imagining. I really cherish the vulnerable little spots of life that I'm able to capture....there's really nothing like it.

and so commenced the 'real' family photo portion of our warm, sun-drenched evening. I wish every session could start with a surprise full of life-changing love - the smiles and giggles were abundant as we documented the beginning of something new.

Cheers, Briana & Bryce!

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