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colorful & dreamy WI barn wedding with grilled cheese, a bluegrass playing mom, and dogs!!!!

I feel like I just wrote the entire blog post in that title. What else could I possibly say?

This is Kim & John (and Poppy). They got married at Sugar Island Barn in Watertown, WI last year, which makes me hungry for cotton candy when I think about it. I really love cotton candy, my friends...and maybe that influenced my editing for these dreamy pastel colors. Who's to say?

Our friends Sound by Design where there too, along with Melted - a grilled cheese food truck out of Madison!

This is the kind of stuff that hooks me into wedding photography. Seeing the train, realizing it would be a dope af picture, trying to pose and explain my ideas while switching camera settings and sounding like a maniac, and then it works! Huge shout out to MLW Photography - she was videoing that day and we tag-teamed like old pros.

It's like a traaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin on your wedding day

Poppy got to join for part of the first dance and well......just look at that face!

Thanks Kim & John!

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