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an intimate villa terrace wedding - milwaukee wisconsin

These are my b e a u tiful friends, Kate & Ashley. When they got engaged I ummmm eagerly showed them how much I wanted to photograph it, and now here we are.

Thanks, friends!

I loved their plan: small ceremony and champagne at Villa Terrace (THE spot in Milwaukee...in my humble opinion) and then a bigger reception that evening.

In between? Photos!!!!!!!! And just enjoying each other. Your day doesn't have to be go go go. You can do whatever you want, promise!

Oh, Kate wanted to wear a unicorn inflatable for their first look, as one does. We had some technical difficulties but the sentiment remained true. That's why I love em!

Hey gurl let's go get married

We took a LOT of photos this day! Some people want less, some want more. I'm along for the ride no matter what ~

sometimes you get photobombed by a statue's penis

We headed over to Dandy - Midventerous Modern, the caaaaaa-utest high end thrift store and event space this side of Lake Michigan. Seriously - if you haven't met Jess or Ryan and seen their incredible space - go check them out! I always encourage a change of scenery, even if it's just across the street.

Later the party started down at The Box, all purpose event space in downtown Milwaukee. How about those RINGS???????! A Trio (also downtown Milwaukee) blew me away with these custom designs.

Kate is a service industry vet and wanted to give her friends a chance to show their skills, so they had FOUR signature cocktails over the course of a few hours. They're all named (lovingly) after some of Kate's famous tipsy quotes.

cheers, friends!
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