As a highly sensitive queer human, I see the world a little differently....and I love it! Like most folks outside the 'norm' my differences were a source of pain and bullying growing up. They tried to hinder who I was, they tried to force me to conform. And they almost won a few times. After a decade of massive clinical depression and severe anxiety I climbed out of the darkness, armed with the wisdom and love you can only find when everything else is taken away


Now I strive to live without judgment - for myself or others. I exist with the intention of finding peace, presence, and joy in all things, and my art is no exception. People often say there's "just something different about your work," and I think that's what they're noticing. Capturing the essence of humans is no light task, but empathy & the ability to nurture connection make it second nature for me.

Being able to provide a safe space for other humans to express themselves is super important to me. When who you are is somehow up for debate by others you need that space. So welcome to Opia Photo Co, I am so glad you're here. 

My bleeding queer heart believes all humans are worthy of validation and love. You are safe here, and you belong here. 

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