Sierra & Tim

First off, Chelsea is such an amazing person, let alone photographer. 

I was looking for someone who took beautiful photos and allowed the couple to feel natural and in their element. Having the wedding outdoors, I also wanted to make sure that someone could capture the light and setting. This is much different than a controlled setting,and Chelsea's portfolio made me so excited to work with her. ​


We had scattered showers, with the heaviest rain during our vows. Tim and I were dedicated to getting married  on the dock, and Chelsea was right there with us to make things the best possible outcome.


Seeing our photos just now made the day even better because they reflect the sentiment and spirit of family from our wedding day. Her upbeat and kind personality made her feel like a friend who was celebrating alongside of us. 

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As queer people, getting married felt complicated in a number of ways. Explaining our identities, our relationship, and our intention for the ceremony and celebration to the people who were helping to make it happen was often an onerous task. We were so lucky to find several vendors who instantly got who we were and what we were going for.


Chelsea as our photographer could not have been a better choice. First of all, she’s a first rate photographer with a subtle and unique touch. She captures rare and fleeting moments of beauty, and she deftly handled the task of photographing our large and difficult-to-corral families. In addition to her skills as a photographer, she was queer literate, used the right pronouns, and made these two photo-shy queers very comfortable.

Bench & Bruce


Chelsea did an amazing job photographing

our wedding last week!

​She was fun, professional

and attentive to details.


She went above and beyond the day of,


- managing other vendors 

- keeping us on schedule

- offering to stay longer to capture additional shots

- and hopping on the back of a groomsman

  to get the perfect angle to capture my 6'4" hubby.


She over-delivered by providing a handful

of shots the night of the wedding for us to share

with family and friends the next day.

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Kim & John